About Us

We shot this video to introduce ourselves.

<a href=”http://www.pubmatch.com/profile/8730/p.r.a.-publishing.html”><img src=”http://www.pubmatch.com/images/link_to_us_logo.gif&#8221; alt=”Lets get business started on Pubmatch.com” border=”0″ /></a>


One response to “About Us

  1. Hi Lucinda. I am trying to learn how to post comments on Phoenix Rising. Here I found a box to post in, but on your blog, after your latest comments on Indie Press (what authors need to know) it said to leave a comment and I could not figure out how or where. Here is the comment I was trying to leave

    Dear PRA. I can understand how frustrating it must be to know that you have only two loaves and five fishes and you have five thousand authors to feed. And you have somewhat less miracle working power than the one who originally performed that feat. So,”all that you can do is to do all that you can do”. And I believe that you are doing that beautifully! So keep up the good work and let the vanity presses serve the “fast food”. I am very grateful that I found Createspace. It served me well and yet I know that what I have done through them is not nearly as polished as what I would have had from your presses. But I am grateful for what I have. Perhaps some day I can work up to PRA. I really enjoyed meeting Ms. Clark at the ALF meeting last Saturday. The attendance of the public was somewhat down but the authors were there in force. And the great value that I experienced from meeting new friends and learning basic marketing skills was well worth my time and preparation. To my chagrin, I learned after the festival that, due to my lack of experience on my new Windows 8 (it makes me feel so dumb!), I put the wrong link next to my name! It should have been: http://mybooksbydonaldchancock.weebly.com Thanks to PRA and to all who had anything to do with a very well planned Augusta Literary Festival. Donald Hancock

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