New Book: “Derek Walcott’s Love Affair with Film”

Great news!

Repeating Islands

In December 2017, Peepal Tree Press published Derek Walcott’s Love Affair with Film, by Jean Antoine-Dunne. [Compelling—sounds like a nice New Year’s gift to myself!]

Description: Completed with the enthusiastic support and participation of the late Laureate, Jean Antoine-Dunne’s lively and enriching study begins in a recognition of how important film has been in the whole of Derek Walcott’s career. It is not merely that Derek Walcott wrote a number independent film scripts such as The Rig, The Haitian Earth, and To Die for Grenada; wrote film treatments of several of his plays such as for Marie Laveau, Ti Jean, and O Babylon; and also produced a film treatment of his poetic epic Omeros; but that the whole of Walcott’s work, whether poetry, drama or painting, is infused with the sense of the filmic.

Jean Antoine-Dunne is a Senior Lecturer in Literatures in…

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