Forthcoming Book: Donna Aza Weir-Soley’s “The Woman Who Knew”

Congratulations Dr. Weir-Soley on your book.

Repeating Islands


Jamaican born writer and professor of English Donna Aza Weir-Soley has recently published her latest poetry collection, The Woman Who Knew (Finishing Line Press, 2015). The book is available for pre-ordering at this time.

About this new publication, Cheryl Boyce-Taylor (author of Convincing the Body) writes: “Strong, courageous, honest and heartbreaking, The Woman Who Knew is required reading for everyone who believes in love, and living fully. The story is rich and sensitively executed. Aza writes eloquently about love, alienation and renewal, each poem is a prayer, an unfolding of the strength and beauty of a wise woman.”

Donna Aza Weir-Soley recieved her Ph.D. in English from the University of California, Berkeley. She is currently an Associate Professor of English, African & African Diaspora Studies and Women’s Studies at Florida International University. Weir-Soley is a recipient of the Woodrow Wilson Career Enhancement Fellowship. She is the author of First…

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