Excerpts from Peripheral: Tales of Horror At A Glance

Sylvester Pilgrim


“Did you see that?”

Faye Morgan turned her head so fast that her friends James, Tony and Maria heard the sickening crack of one of her vertebrae.

“See what?” James asked.

“I don’t know,” Faye said hesitating. “It looked like…” she stopped again.

“Looked like what?” this time from Tony.

“I don’t know,” she repeated. “You guys will think I’m silly or overworked or something.”

“No such thing,” James said. “We know that you’re silly and overworked, but the something…we’re not too sure about.” James Mason was the joker of the group.

“I just saw something that looked like…never mind…I just thought I saw something.”

“Well, I see something,” James replied. “I see the guardrail, I see passing brush, I see trees zooming by. Hey, I think we’re in a car going somewhere.”

Faye was glad that she had not told them after all. I mean, who would believe…

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