Book Review: ‘Speech of the Masquerade’ by Kendall Driscoll

Say What? Savannah Mae Kids

SpeechOfTheMasqueradeReview first published on Reader Views Kids

Kendall Driscoll’s book “Speech of the Masquerade” is a moving 91 page saga about the growth and development of inner peace, inner acceptance, and inner strength – a lesson everyone could hear more than once! Throughout the book, we can see Driscoll’s journey through life, as if she had saved all of her poems from the age of 12 and published them all at once.

We see her struggles through love, attained and lost through yearning and anxiety over figuring out what it is we are called to do in this life. We see her struggles as she attains conventional goals in life, and yet still feels like she is missing something. It’s as if Driscoll is saying to us, “Wake up! Live your life!”  How many times have we heard this cry before? Yet her method allows some sort of…

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