Jorge and Rocio


Farewell My Friend

I had the pleasure of traveling to Buenos Aires, Argentina three years ago for the dedication of a state of the art incubator to a local hospital in San Isidido Argentina. It was a collaboration between our two Rotary Club, the Martinez RC of Argentina and the Martinez Evans RC of U.S.A.

I was greeted so warmly, I felt like a Rock Star. There were so many Rotarians that took time to show me around and share the great work that they as Rotarians did and were doing in their community. Since my visit, two of the original group have passed on; Rotarian Carlo Gelay of prostate cancer about a year ago and just a week ago, Rotarian Jorge Jimenez-Lozano. I feel compelled to write about this today because I learned that  Rotarian Jorge Jimenez-Lozano, was gunned down in front of his home, in the presence of his wife.

Words cannot express the heaviness of my heart as I write this, Dr. Jorge Jimenez-Lozano along with his wife, Violeta were/are dentists practicing in both the public and private sectors in Buenos Aires. Dr. Jimenez-Lozano expressed a desire to come to Georgia, my Rotary Club is based here, to learn more about how dentistry is taught and practiced in the US. I regret that I could not do more that make that dream a reality for him before his untimely passing.

To Rotarian Jorge Jimenez-Lorano’s family, Violeta and his daughter Rocio I extend my deepest condolences. To my fellow Rotarians of the Martinez RC, I too grieve your loss. The Rotary world has loss a great Rotarian under the most senseless and tragic ways possible.


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2013/11/08 · 12:32 pm

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