We are a Traditional Indie Press. What should that mean to you authors?


 I did a talk for Literacy/Small Press Month at a local Rotary club yesterday. It is amazing to me how many authors and lay people believe that we are willing to publish an author’s work for the right price. I feel the need to clarify the difference between vanity and traditional presses so that I can hopefully put to bed once and for all what we at P.R.A. Publishing do.


First a vanity press is a publishing house in which authors pay to have their books published.   Vanity presses are not selective. They will publish whatever you submit for  to publication without considering the titles  need for an edit or anything else. Because you the author are  paying for a service. You are essentially responsible for every aspect of the quality and overall success of your work. I hear from so many self- published authors about the learning curve they endure after publishing their books through vanity presses. All I can say is Buyer Beware! I add a definition from wikipedia for your review, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vanity_press.

 Traditional presses operate on a totally different plain.We do not take money from authors! We are first and foremost selective in what we publish. We must take our time to read lots of queries, work with literary agents and read the publishing landscape. We invest time, talent and money to make projects we select a success, the investment is all on us. While the changing markets guarantee success for only a small percentage of titles, we smaller presses do not have the luxury of taking on every author who deems themselves worthy. No offense intended, it’s just amazing how many self published authors do not take the time to identify what market they have written for before they query us.

  I think that every writer out there should do their homework as they write their next masterpiece.  There are so many of you out there trying to get into a limited number of slots that excellence and awareness must be at the forefront. It is the best of times to be an author but understand the abyss you are jumping into before you leap. 

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    We are a Traditional Indie Press. What should that mean to you authors? by P.R.A. Blogs


     Dear Phoenix Rising. I mentioned below that I just had to go from my sweet, loving Windows XP to a confusing dragon of a Windows 8 – and I do not know where I am!  So I do not even know how to post my comment properly.  I do hope that one of my two attempts below will make it to your table. Donald C. Hancock

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