Thank You Don Hancock

It is not very often that a small press gets a thank you from an author they have had to pass on. If writers knew how hard we work to keep our small presses running,(and in a good year profitable). It is always for the love of the literary art form.
  I am sending out thanks to Don Hancock because he did not give up. He queried, got rejected and keep writing! He sent me a thank you note today and I return the kindness by promoting his efforts. Below are his releases and how to find them. I look forward to finally meeting you and person Don and hope I do not have to regret having passed on a best seller. See you at Augusta Literary Festival next week!
   For the writers who read this, be inspired!  My Novel: A Message For All Time  My Best To You Each Morning. My first book of devotionals.  A Variety Of Gems, Vol.1. A book of poems, short stories, and essays.  A Variety Of Gems, Vol. 2. Second book.  From My Heart To Yours. A collection of 52 of my favorite short stories.   My Best To You At Eventide. My second book of devotionals.


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