Insight on Chinese New Year Traditions Found in Ahmam’s Island

Award-winning Taiwanese author brings first novel to English-speaking audiences

Chung Wenyin joins in literary collaboration with P.R.A. Publishing to release “Ahmam’s Island”

“Ahmam’s Island” (ISBN 9780982140796) is the first Taiwanese-to-English translated novel by award-winning Taiwan native Chung Wenyin. Her novel provides a unique portrait of the Taiwanese culture and people.


PRA Publishing and Taiwanese writer Wenyin have joined forces to publish the first of a series of titles written by the author. PRA Publishing will launch “Ahmam’s Islands” in e-book format in the Fall of 2012.  “Ahmam’s Islands,” which was formerly titled “Woman’s Island,” deals with the protagonist, Ahmam’s return home to her rural village during the Chinese New Year.

The collaboration developed from the promotional efforts of Taiwanese translator CJ Anderson-Wu, who also serves as editor of International News for Taiwan Architect Magazine. Anderson and PRA Publisher Lucinda Clark have been collaborating on finding the right project to launch for the last three years.

In “Ahmam’s Island,” a grown Taiwanese woman returns to her home in a small village to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Single and nearly 30 years old, Ahmam must face many of her failures amongst her loved ones. But when she finally comes to terms with her struggles and shortcomings, Ahmam will learn the greatest lesson of all.

Wenyin’s “Ahmam’s Island” will appeal to women of all ages and backgrounds with its common themes of family relations, romance and what makes a woman successful in modern society. Wenyin hopes that her novel will make readers laugh and cry while inspiring them to contemplate about their own place in their families, relationships and the world around them.

“Ahmam’s Island” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author:

Chung Wenyin was born in Taiwan in 1967. She has a bachelor degree of mass communication from Tamkang University. Before devoting herself to writing, Wenyin was a cinema and art critic, production still photographer and script clerk. She has also worked as a newspaper art reporter and published essays in several eminent journals in Taiwan.  Since 1994, Wenyin has been awarded more than ten literature prizes, including the 2003 Yunlin County Cultural Award and the 2005 Wu San Lien Literature Prize, which is deemed the most important literary prize in Taiwan. Wenyin’s works include collections of short stories, novels and collections of prose. For more about Wenyin visit


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