They need more than chicken soup

Although AIDS Awareness Day has passed I wanted share an email I received over the Thanksgiving holiday. It reminds me that there is always more that can be done. Thanks Khafre for sharing.

I trust this enote finds you and yours in the best of health and strength. I want to ask that you read the entire message and take some ACTION on to sponsor the self publishing of Cornbread, Fish and Collard Greens: Prayers, Poems & Affirmation for People Living with HIV/AIDS. You most likely know that;
Ø Although the fight against HIV/AIDS is more than thirty years old and many victories have been won, the fact remains that every nine and a half minutes someone is infected with HIV

Ø 2011 UNAIDS reports, number of people living with HIV/AIDS are 34.2 million and 8 million PLWHA received ARV, 330 000 children who acquired HIV infection, 2.5 million people acquired HIV infected, 1.7 million died of AIDS related illness.

Ø 34.2 million People are living with HIV/AIDS worldwide.

Ø 30 million people have died from AIDS-related complications worldwide.

Ø 18 million children have been orphaned from AIDS-related complications worldwide.

Ø 5,000 people die each day from AIDS before we are too busy with other priorities.

This anthology was created to put into the hands of the newly diagnosed and the long term survivor as an additional tool of support, power, healing and love.

The project has 105 contributors and 367 pages of powerful words for healing, inspiring; lifting the souls and spirits of people living with HIV/AIDS has received submission from Africa, America, Europe, and South America. Contributors have provided their work in their indigenous language with the English translation. Yours sponsorship is needed; please take a closer look at:

Your Sponsorship will ensure this anthology is presented in the spirit in which it has been compiled, a quilt of words that heal and affirm the soul. Sponsorship ensures the delivery of an aesthetically attractive book that is produced, designed and printed on quality paper. Sponsorship will ensure that each contributor that lives in the United States and does not live in the United States receives one free copy. Sponsorship begins at $10

Yours in the struggle,

Khafre K. Abif, Editor

“We need more than Chicken Soup”


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