What do authors want from a Publisher?

Had a very interesting and enjoyable session with a group of children’s book writers last night. We discussed the art of querying a literary agent or publisher. I found the conversation stimulating because for the first time in addressing a group of authors I did not feel like the bad guy.

I think that there is an us vs. them mentality out there that does not have to be. I can think of no traditional press that invests in an author and wishes that the project fail or does not care about the projects success.

Authors and publishers each bring something to the table. If an author understands that there is a limited window of time that a publisher can be fully behind a title and that the focus, (here I mean time, money and resources) must be given just as intently to the next project and that these things cannot unlimited. And that the ultimate success lies of her creation with the author, I believe we would have more successful longer lasting collaborations.

What do you think?

I suggest every writer out there that would like to be in a relationship with a literary agent or publisher walk a month in that industry’s shoes. I walked in the shoes of writers and my perspective is better for it.


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