ParTee On The Green : April 6, 2016. downtown Augusta

a community dance party American Bandstand meets Soul Train meets Shag City meets Teen Town in this #AugustaGolf tradition, an amazing Celebration of Community for all ages. “ParTee On The Green” i…

Source: ParTee On The Green : April 6, 2016. downtown Augusta

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Reaction to Obama Trip Reflects Change in Cuban-Americans

Lizette Alvarez (The New York Times) reports on the varying reactions by Cuban-Americans to President Obama’s historic trip to Cuba, underlining that it seems like most Cuban-Americans welcomed the…

Source: Reaction to Obama Trip Reflects Change in Cuban-Americans

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Excerpt from Peripheral: Tales of Horror At a Glance.

Sylvester Pilgrim


“I can’t believe that happened,” Miyuki Sato said as she pulled her shirt off over her head. She stood in front of the mirror and shook her long hair back into place before returning her attention to Lenard Harris.

“Shit happens,” Lenard replied with the usual smirk. “That’s why they call them accidents.”

“I know…but still.”

“Don’t worry. I’m not hurt.”

“What do you think I’ll do without you?” Miyuki countered as she turned to her reflection once more.

Lenard in the meantime watched with admiration as the tips of her ebony locks caressed her erect nipples. His eyes trailed her physique, remaining a little longer on her flat stomach and the vertical slit of her belly button before roaming to her tiny waist and toned buttocks.

The two of them had been riding earlier on one of the many bicycle paths within the city. They had been attempting…

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“Banging at the Gates of American Literature”: I’m an Idiot, But Please Take Me Seriously

Word Salad

On Monday I wrote an essay about writing and acted as if I knew what I was doing. I don’t. But I wrote a book. That’s the good news. I wrote a book, but I’m not sure that necessarily means I know anything about writing books. Maybe ask me after the sixth book comes out. Maybe ask me in ten years, and I’ll have adopted a more seraphic ability to disperse writerly wisdom. Until then, I’m an idiot. I’m a very serious idiot who takes writing very seriously, if not many other things in life.

download (9)Imagine I’m the proverbial monkey at the typewriter, and I’ve written enough that something I’ve written is rather good. Perhaps this is an accident, perhaps not. If you do anything for long enough, you get good at it. That’s old wisdom, isn’t it? Isn’t it? I would not know. I’m an idiot who got really…

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The Eleuthera All That Jazz Festival

Repeating Islands


The Eleuthera All That Jazz Festival will take place from March 30 to April 3, 2016. It will celebrate its fourth anniversary, bringing a host of renowned jazz artists to perform on the island of Eleuthera in the Bahamas.

Recently listed in USA Today as one of the top ten Caribbean musical festivals to see in 2016, Eleuthera All That Jazz has been steadily growing its reputation since its first concert in 2012. Founder and Chairwoman of the festival, Patricia Leigh-Wood said “every year we aim to attract an exciting new mix of both local and international jazz artists and this year will be no exception.”

Featured global artists in 2016 include singer Gabrielle Strav­elli, adored for her unique take on American greats like Duke Ellington and Dolly Parton, accompanied by her quintet and also featuring renowned saxophonist Scott Robinson; New York’s King Solomon Hicks with his jazzy guitar sounds and…

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Unsettling the Narrative of “The South”

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Word Salad

“In the South everybody’s got a story, a long, elaborate, rambling, subordinate-clause-filled, bullsh–it-laced, possibly even entirely made-up story.”

—Diane Roberts, quoted in book review by Jay Watson in The Southern Register, Fall 2009

“Tell about the South . . . What do they do there? How do they live there? Why do they?”

—William Faulkner,Absalom, Absalom!

“The South is what we started out with in this bizarre, slightly troubling, basically wonderful country—fun, danger, friendliness, energy, enthusiasm, and brave, crazy, tough people.”

—Bill Maxwell, “There’s no place like the South,” St. Petersburg Times, reprinted in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

WelcomeHuckleberry Finn floats down the Mississippi river on a raft. After Jim and Huck narrowly escaping slave-catchers, the raft runs up against a sturdy steamship, which cast Jim and Huck into the wild river. Somewhere northeast in Georgia, Flannery O’Connor sweeps through her front lawn and directs a flock of peacocks. Vibrantly…

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Vladimir Lucien is 2016 Writer in Residence at UWI-Mona

Source: Vladimir Lucien is 2016 Writer in Residence at UWI-Mona

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